Likaami Tulip Massage Chair is a new generation massage chair, equipped with 4 intelligent, silent, vertically-mobile massage hands for a full back massage. The Tulip Massage Chair uses the new 135 cm L-shaped massage system, which makes it the massage chair with the longest massage range. This Massage Chair comes with an innovative air pump and valve function. The pump can function in synchronization or continuously, in order to provide the motor force necessary for the 28 air bags. Both the relaxation massage and the strong air bag pressure are precise and unique, which allows you to enjoy a refreshing massage.


  • 2D Rollers Massage Chair
  • Correlate Back Frame and Adjustment
  • S ContoursMassage
  • Vertical Arms Massage Back Heating
  • Foot Airbag Massage
  • Remote Controller Pocket
  • S Shape Long Rail
  • Arms Airnag Massage
  • Timer Function
  • Two Memory Modes
  • Back Rest and Calf Raise and Drop
  • Foot Extend Retractrop
  • Automatic Massage Program
  • Manual Massage Program


  • BRAND : Likaami
  • NAME : Tulip Massage Chair
  • MATERIAL : Ecological, Antibacterial Leather


  • Ache relief: 15 minute automatic massage program that can focus on the points of your fatigue, providing you with a health service for the entire body.
  • Memory program: The advanced accuracy and strength provided by the roller system combined with a comfortable air pressure shiatsu massage relieves fatigue acquired as a result of physical exercise, providing you with a healthy body
  • Back and waist massage: Massage for relaxing your back and waist, actively acting on your lower back and thorax ligaments. Relaxes stiff muscles.
  • Comfort Massage: Automatic comfortable massage program for your neck and shoulders, designed to make you feel good during the massage, easily relieving pain in the cervical vertebrae.
  • Full air pressure, neck and shoulders: Full pressure massage from your neck to your soles, from your upper arms to your fingertips, will offer you an unequalled massage experience for your whole body.
  • Waist stretch, pain relief: Designed to relieve muscle ache and stiffness, by stretching your back muscles, relaxing your muscles, and relieving fatigue.