//Angel massage chair

Angel massage chair

Likaami Angel Massage Chair is a great product for Home Use. The chair comes with Preset Auto Massage Mode and Manual Mode. The Chair is equipped with rollers at the back, which gives you kneading and knocking massage to choose from. Likaami Angel Massage Chair has Air Pressure massage function providing Air massage on your buttocks as well. This Luxury Massage Chair has Bluetooth feature, so that you can enjoy 3D Digital sound music while relaxing on this chair. It comes with detachable seat to relax the hardness on your buttock. Likaami Angel Massage Chair is a must have product in your Home.


  • Massage mechanism is four wheels driven, muted design can move up and down.

  • Designed with 3 kinds simulation massage models: kneading, knocking, sync with kneading and knocking.

  • Set with automatic massage function: whole body, upper body and lower body.

  • Choose your favourite massage point by manual, with two-directional kneading, unidirectional kneading, two speeds knocking to choose.

  • With Air Pressure massage function: Air massage on your buttocks, and 3 levels optional

  • With Bluetooth to connect with your smart device, play music.

  • Music play system, with two 3D Digital sound box on your shoulders.

  • SL style supper long curved track to fit your body.

  • With extra detachable cushion on your seat, can relieve the hardness on your buttock, the can decide to use it or not.

  • Massage Chair Components: Pillow, Buttock Air Bag, Seat Cushion, Cell Phone Box, Arm Rest, Power Line and Plug.


  • BRAND : Likaami
  • NAME : Angel Massage Chair
  • RATED VOLTAGE: 220-240V~ 50Hz/60Hz

Instructions of use

  • Unpack Likaami Home Use Angel Massage Chair.
  • Connect the power plug and switch ON the machine.
  • Press the red button to start the massage.
  • Choose from the Auto massage modes :
    • WHOLE BODY: Press the button to Automatically massage your whole body.
    • UPPER BODY: Press the button to Automaticlly massages your upper body.
    • LOWER BODY: Press the button to Automatically massage your lower body.
  • Select the Manual massage modes :
    • KNEADING: Two directional kneading, unidirectional kneading.
    • KNOCKING: Strong and weak spead.
  • Massage Position Adjustment:
    • Massage position UP- Massage hand moves up
    • Massage position DOWN-Massage hand move down.
  • Manual Lower Body Air Pressure Massage:
    • Air massage on your buttocks: adjustable strong, medium and weak.
  • Press the Red button to stop the massage.
  • After restoration of air pressure bags at the hands, Turn OFF the power.